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European footwear exports up by 3% in the first quarter

Jul 22, 2014 European Union
European footwear exports up by 3% in the first quarter
After growing almost 20% per year, between the period 2010 - 2013 (53.8%), European footwear exports going outside the EU, grew in value by only 3%, in the first quarter of 2014. In volume terms a similar growth was registered
Behind the overall performance of the extra European Union exports, the situation is very different depending on the destination markets.

Russia and Ukraine were impacted by the conflict in Eastern Ukraine. The Russian market fell by 10% mainly due to the uncertainties caused by the conflict in Ukraine. Exports to the smaller market of Ukraine also fell, by 17% in quantity and 6.4% in value.

Italy is the leading European exporter of footwear both for Russia and for Ukraine, representing in both markets more than half of the total (52% and 51% respectively). Italian footwear exports in the first quarter declined by 17% and 8%, in Russia and Ukraine, respectively. The importance of these two markets for Italian exports is such that value of global Italian exports only increased by 2%, when main European competitors registered much better performance.

China continues to grow but at a slower pace. European footwear exports to China more than doubled between 2010 and 2012. Last year the growth exceeded 16%, with exports to the Asian giant reaching 290 million euros. In the first quarter of 2014 rhythm of growth slowed down and stabilised at 7.7%. Italian companies are responsible for almost two thirds of all European exports to China and grew their shipments by 3.5%.

The US, the main external market for the European Union, showed very positive signs. Exports to the North America country grew by 12.7% in value and 15.2% in quantity. The recovery of the US economy along with the demand for diversification of sources of imports have driven the European footwear exports to that country (in 2013 China accounted for 81% of US imports).

European footwear exports to China in 2013 recorded the highest average price, 66.12 US dollars, among the major export destinations of the European footwear, followed by the US with an average price of 33.38 US dollars while the average European export price is 19.35 US dollars.