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2030 Innovation

Sep 6, 2013 World
2030 Innovation
The Which? magazine conducted an intensive study on the consumption habits of United Kingdom citizens in 2030, and the results are impressive. Living in a world with slow economic growth, resource scarcity and higher average prices will be the routine.
In addition to the economy and society undergoing tremendous changes, technological advances will revolutionize homes, industries and the life of every person.

Over the next 17 years it is expected that the center of gravity of the world economy moves from developed countries to developing countries, such as Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC).

Rechargeable Kids system

The study of ’Which?’ went further and introduced products that bring together some of the ideas that consumers will look in 2030, which don’t exist yet. 

Many families struggle with the amount of time that children spend with gadgets. In 2030 these habits tend to accentuate themselves, with children  beginning to have access to computer games at an earlier age, access to games and the idea of creating virtual personalities. It is estimated that in the next two decades parents will seek healthier options for children, especially regarding physical exercise.

The system will allow you to recharge your gadgets and online games through physical activity abroad. This product will encourage children to divide their time between the virtual world and the real world, and the activities they undertake abroad will be responsible for the energy they have to apply in virtual games.

Each training session will generate and stores energy. The more activity the child has, the more energy accumulates. Jumping, running, playing soccer and even the simple heating of feet during physical activity produce will cause more energy to accumulate.

In 2030 energy will be seen as an opportunity. The rising price of oil will turn, even the energy efficient homes will be too expensive. At this time consumers will be seeking solutions to high gas and electricity bills.

The increasing value placed on physical exercise and stress relief will help us entre a new era of energy obtained from the environment.