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Online Guide for Fashion Companies

Oct 19, 2020 World Footwear Reports
Online Guide for Fashion Companies
Statistical data of the world trade in recent years indicates a gradual transfer of the business to the digital world. However, a digital presence of a brand or company only makes sense and is useful if it is defined and implemented based on a script that considers the target markets and the strategy of the brand or company.

But many businesses find it difficult go ho beyond the question: Where to start?

To help answering this question the World Footwear presents a new study Online guide for fashion companies: 12 key steps to build a digital presence which is a practical guide for all fashion companies when they decide to work on building a presence in the virtual world. The integration of the topics listed in this document must be the object of analysis in an integrated way in the global strategy of the company to boost the business, through increasing contact with the target audience.


Executive Summary
12 key steps to build a digital presence
   Defining the Corporate Identity
   Registering the Business on Google Business
   Ensuring Access to the Industry’s Intelligence
   Creating a Personalised email with Domain and Hosting
   Creating a Corporate Website
   Having Online Sales within the Website
   Communicating using Digital Platforms
   Being Present on Social Networks
   Using Email Marketing
   Using Internet-Ads
   Using SEO tools
   Being present in Marketplaces
   Using influencers
How to develop content
Future prospects