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B2B Marketplaces for Fashion - A World Footwear Guidebook

Sep 30, 2020 World Footwear Reports
B2B Marketplaces for Fashion - A World Footwear Guidebook
A white paper focused on the Business-to-Business Marketplaces for Fashion.

In the first part of the study, the main aim is to present the essential information related to B2B platforms, by introducing the concept, by listing the different types of platforms, and the characteristics they must have, the advantages that each company/brand can derive from being present in it and what considerations should be taken when choosing a particular platform. In the second part of the study, we present a compilation of B2B online platforms that can be of interest for footwear companies, as well as a more detailed analysis of 5 platforms presented in that same list.


Executive Summary
What is a B2B Marketplace?
Different types of B2B platforms
Advantages of the presence in B2B Marketplaces
How can a B2B Marketplace improve a company’s performance?
Aspects and characteristics to consider when entering a B2B Marketplace
How can Marketplaces evolve in the future?
Examples of B2B Marketplaces
Different types of B2B Marketplaces - further analysis
Key takeaways