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World Footwear Congress on its way to Naples

Sep 18, 2018 CEC
World Footwear Congress on its way to Naples
In a press conference held yesterday, during Micam, the European Confederation of the Footwear Industry (CEC) announced the details of the next edition of the World Footwear Congress
The 6th edition of the World Footwear Congress will be held in Naples, Italy, on the 4th and 5th April 2019. The theme of the conference will be Digitalization for a sustainable footwear industry, and it will include several presentations and discussion panels with specialists from several areas of expertise from all over the world.

Visits to factories are scheduled for the 3rd of April and for the morning of the first day of the Congress. 

Participants from footwear associations, chambers and federations, businesses and companies, representants from trade fairs and technological centres and consultants will have the opportunity to dedicate two days to a deep reflection centred on some of the pressing issues impacting the industry, strongly enhanced by the contribution of specialised. During 2 days, digitalisation and sustainability, circular economy, the changes impacting the retail business and the connection to the final consumer, more connected and sophisticated than  ever, will be on all participants' minds and talks.

The World Footwear Congress was created by the CEC more than ten years ago as a platform to discuss the constant challenges and opportunities that the footwear industry is facing. In particular, the Congress aims to promote a free and fair global market with equal chances for all on a reciprocal basis, while increasing international collaboration in topics of interest for all.

The last edition of the World Footwear Congress took place in Léon (Mexico) in November 2014 and was dedicated to the theme Keeping one step Ahead: Meeting the Challenges of the Footwear Sector.