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Why shoe design is still critical

Jun 29, 2017 World
Why shoe design is still critical
Though there are many ways footwear producers can add value to footwear, design still plays a key role in consumer decisions
Sometimes it is said that design no longer plays such a key role in consumers purchasing decisions. It’s easy to say that when we look at footwear and realize that shoes are no longer just shoes. More and more, they include extra features, such as GPS trackers, eco-friendly materials, and other tools that technology and science brought to the footwear industry.

So, it’s easy to ask, how can design still be relevant, while there are so many other aspects to take in consideration? Plus, most footwear available is somehow attractive and cheap. Brands should realize that many times, brands get inspired by each other, and with fashion shows, to design their products.

Nonetheless, this is exactly why creative ideas and creative design can boost a footwear company very easily. Consumers already have expectations from shoemakers, but if brands can surprise them, it's guaranteed they will get their attention.

Bucketfeet is a footwear company taking shoe design to a whole new level. Since 2011, the company has been selling online shoes and sneakers that are customized by artists from all over the world. And that’s not all, any artist can become a contributor after completing an online profile on their website, which will be reviewed.

In this web platform, consumers can easily see and know more about shoes that are available before buying. Plus, they can meet and connect with the artist who created it through social media. And this is why they are willing to pay a high price for these shoes: because: they want something premium and unique.