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Why choosing a footwear niche can be profitable

Jun 8, 2017 / World
Why choosing a footwear niche can be profitable
Deciding how to approach the market is critical for footwear companies, as it can impact its manufacturing process and its marketing strategies
Choosing a market niche can be an opportunity to establish a new (profitable) business, but there are a few things footwear producers should keep in mind.

In the first place, market niches aren’t usually big. As a consequence, it can be hard to scale a business that is only focused on a market niche. Let’s say, for instance, eco-friendly shoes in Buenos Aires.

There will be a limit of how much pairs of shoes a brand can sell to the potential customers who belong to this niche. Therefore mass production and economies of scale will be hard to attain. Unless, of course, a brand focus on this niche but worldwide.

Moreover, selling globally can be a great way to reach a big audience of a single niche, spread across the world. But companies should take in consideration logistics costs and local regulations.

Also, working for a single niche makes it easy to unify marketing efforts, since the audience isn’t large and preferences among consumers in this niche are probably similar.

It doesn’t mean footwear producers won’t have to spend their budget anyway, but it will be easier to impact consumers with a single message.

The brand 33e34 can serve as inspiration for all professionals in this sphere. The Brazilian company only produces and sells shoes for small feet. The entrepreneur behind the project, Tania, has already received recognition and investment for her work.