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Ocean Sole turns old flip flops into new objects

Sep 1, 2014 Kenya

Ocean Soles

Organization in Kenya collects old slippers and turns them into toys, jewelry, sculptures and other objects

"Passionate about the ocean, its ecosystems and marine wildlife, we recycle flip flops that are found littered on beaches and in waterways of Kenya" is the statement that opens the Ocean Sole website.

As thousands of flip flops are washed up onto the East African coast, a team collects them and handcraft products such as toys, jewelry, sculptures.

Ocean Sole works with over 100 individuals at their workshops in Nairobi, city slums and remote coastal areas. Recycling and providing employment, are two areas of action for the organization, which now has a foundation where 5% of all profit from the sale of products is put back into.

For more information about Ocean Sole please refer to their website.

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