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Next UITIC Congress will be in China

Oct 14, 2019 UITIC
Next UITIC Congress will be in China
The China Leather Industry Association (CLIA) has been selected by the UITIC Executive Committee to be in in charge of organizing the 21st Congress in China in 2021 on behalf of the UITIC
This will be the second International Union of Shoe Industry Technicians (UITIC) Congress in China after the 18th Congress held in 2013 in Dongguan and Guangzhou.

Since 1972 the UITIC Congress acts as a meeting of footwear experts in the world and is a Think Tank for the sector. This Congress will bring together decision makers playing important roles in the worldwide footwear business, such as brands, retailers and footwear manufacturers, providing a background for leaders to discover the latest innovations and at the same time to build strong relationships within the footwear industry network.

The Congress is organized around two sessions: the first day is dedicated to visits to footwear companies and related industries and then the followed one day and half dedicated to speeches, presentations and talks.

A Scientific Committee will be in charge of selecting innovative contributions from speakers coming from footwear institutes, footwear experts and R&D departments in the companies.

Yves MORIN, President of UTIC since 2010, declared: “During the last congress in 2018 in Porto (Portugal) results were beyond all expectations, we have joined together more than 540 delegates from 33 countries. I hope that the footwear professionals will catch this unique opportunity to come back to China and discover how this leading country is preparing the future of the footwear sector”.

The city and month of the Congress are to be confirmed.


The International Union of Shoe Industry Technicians (UITIC), established in 1972, is an organization which aims at developing innovation in the footwear sector, in particular by organizing international conferences on a regular basis and by taking the initiative in setting up information exchanges between its members coming from associations, research centres, private companies and footwear experts from 28 countries.


The China Leather Industry Association was established in 1998, comprises 1 300 members and is the national organization serving the whole of China leather industry. The China Leather Industry Association covered the sectors of fur and leather making, footwear, leather garment, handbag, leather products, chemicals, leather and footwear machinery as well as related institutions, research institutes and colleges. The aim of the association is to actively provide services for the government departments and membership institutions as well as leather industry, to promote the developing of the leather industry while abide by the state constitution, laws, regulations and polices and to observe the social ethics.