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New Generation: Ana Amorim from Crème Caviar

Apr 8, 2024 Portugal
New Generation: Ana Amorim from Crème Caviar
Ana Amorim is responsible for the personalised bridal shoe brand Crème Caviar and is one of the teachers at the Portuguese Footwear Industry Vocational Training Centre (CFPIC). Let’s find out more
She has a degree in social work, but from an early age, her love of shoes spoke louder. A course in footwear modelling and manufacturing at CFPIC was the necessary step to make her take the leap and make her dream come true. Ana Amorim is currently responsible for the personalised wedding shoe brand Crème Caviar and is one of the teachers at CFPIC.

How did the idea to create Crème Caviar come about?

Crème Caviar is the result of a curiosity I’ve always had about the footwear industry. After graduating and already working, I looked for an apprenticeship in the industry to “satisfy” this curiosity! During the training, and as I discovered the whole process, I fell in love with the sector. From trend analysis to idealisation, to the stages of the entire production process, everything is fascinating.

The end of the project I was working on was the push I needed: I decided it was the right time to explore the world of footwear. I started by contacting factories and suppliers and created a brand dedicated to the personalization of everyday footwear.

After entering the sector, and more specifically into bespoke footwear, I realised that there was a niche in the bridal/ceremony sector. So, I felt it was time to reinvent the brand and target this audience. I was intrigued by this market and started researching what was available at the time, looking at groom platforms, themed shows, and other events. Happily, I realised that it would make sense to target this audience, so I started contacting companies and pitching the idea.

After much perseverance, Crème Caviar was born.

How would you define the brand and how does it stand out in the market?

Crème Caviar defines itself as a brand with a versatile design, as it can be easily adapted to a ceremony or an everyday event. It is the personalization by the choice of colours/materials and accessories that makes it possible. The same model with different personalisation becomes a completely different shoe.

Then, there is the quality of the materials and parts, and the attention paid to the entire manufacturing process. We’re talking about pair-by-pair production. This type of production requires special attention from everyone involved at every stage. Each order is unique, with details that need to be analysed at each stage of the process.

I would also like to emphasise that this is not a brand that works by collections, but one that adds new options to its offer based on the feedback it receives from its customers. It’s a romantic brand that adapts to different tastes. Crème Caviar stands out because it allows personalisation, but also because of the warm welcome it gives to all the brides who visit us. I’d like to highlight the support provided throughout the entire process.

The wedding industry has many “secrets”. What would you say is the most important feature that brides are looking for?

At the beginning of the appointment, a very large percentage of brides, when describing what they want, share the following: “I’m looking for a comfortable shoe that identifies me as a bride, but that I can wear at other times”. That’s our challenge!

What have been the biggest challenges so far?

Crème Caviar is growing steadily and progress has been as planned, except for the pandemic phase, which was perhaps the biggest challenge we’ve had to overcome! In the short term, the challenge is to expand the business to other parts of the continent and islands. In the medium term, we need to think about internationalisation. To do this, we’ll need to develop a customisation platform, which will be a challenge on several levels.

In addition to the brand, you currently have a training and educational role at CFPIC. What advice would you give to a young person starting a brand?

Coming from someone who started almost as a joke, I must stress the importance of knowing what’s involved in setting up a company: legal and tax advice is fundamental. I advise you to do a market study, understand the product and analyse the consumer. It’s also extremely important to get to know the suppliers and manufacturers so that the process runs smoothly. Have a good network of contacts in the area because there will be unforeseen events.

I must also say that you will work much, much harder than you initially thought.  My advice is to be persistent and resilient and believe in what you are selling.

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