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Lavoro presents two million euros expansion plan

Dec 2, 2015 Portugal
Lavoro presents two million euros expansion plan
The Guimarães-based company, specializing in the manufacture of professional footwear, is preparing an expansion plan for the international markets. Its presence at the recent edition of the A+A trade fair was a success with the presentation of the new updates coming from Spodos
The planned investment strategy exceeds two million euros and should be implemented over the course of the next five years. According to the company such investment will cover the internationalization of the Spodos activity (its technical advice center), the reinforcement of its presence in international trade fairs and an increased autonomy of Lavoro Deutscheland, the subsidiary in Germany.

As a way to present itself, in a global scale, as a company dedicated to specialized services, more than a mere footwear manufacturer, Lavoro surprised those who visited their stand at the A + A trade fair held in Dusseldorf last month. During the fair the Portugal-based company presented new models and performed live demonstrations of Spodos, their Foot Science Centrer, aimed at developing the most appropriate footwear for every type of working environment.

Using technology such as Spodos Print (which depicts the footprint) and the 3D Spodos (which depicts the foot volumes) Lavoro showed customers and potential customers its innovative approach to footwear manufacturing. Based on a good knowledge of the feet of each user and a clear understanding of the working environment, the company is able to model the most appropriate type of footwear suiting the professional challenges of each client and then create the most appropriate shoe. As a result of the demonstration actions held during the fair, Lavoro received several requests to develop training actions in diverse international markets, which allows the company to establish itself, not as another manufacturer of shoes, but as an important player supplying footwear technology solutions for several professions.

Amongst the wide range of models presented during the fair, three deserve to be highlighted: the Highway, boasting high levels of abrasion resistance; the  Energy, promoting various safety levels for workers who have risky professions; and the Woodpecker, with a system of adjustable steel studs to the sole of the boot.

Lavoro, exporting more than 80% of its production to countries such as Germany, United Kingdom, Switzerland, UAE, Zambia, Egypt and Qatar, amongst others, reported revenue of 13 million euros in 2014 and aims to reach the 25 million euros threshold within the next 5 years.  According to the company the most important thing to achieve success is to focus on innovation, in terms of materials used and models produced, as the clients value more than ever quality and the service associated the product.

For more information about Lavoro please refer to the company's website.

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