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Gucci’s ax on wholesale

Jun 26, 2020 Italy
Gucci’s ax on wholesale
The luxury brand announced that the multi-brands locations in Italy authorized by Gucci will go from 110 to 38. La Conceria is reporting
According to fashionmagazine, the number of Gucci's Italian wholesale customers will drop from 110 to 38 in the next season. The chosen locations either have innovative content within the store or have strategic locations.

With this, Gucci intends to increase direct control of the path taken by the product once it has left the warehouses. According La Conceria, Gucci, which generates 85% of sales from the direct retail channel, is implementing this strategy for several reasons: better control of prices, limiting the spread of discounts and promotions. This will bring a positive return in terms of brand positioning and greater exclusivity of the products (opening the door to future price increases). But it will also obtain greater tracking of the products themselves, up to the final consumer and his use, also contributing to restrict the parallel market of luxury accessories.

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Source: La Conceria

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