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Get to know Elenco

Jul 7, 2015 Portugal


A company with almost four decades of existence focused in producing high quality handbags, where the passion and dedication of two generations stands out

Elenco factory was founded in 1977 and has specialized in the production of leather goods. 27 years after setting up the business, the dream of creating their own brand emerged, with the aim of promoting the company worldwide. And that’s how Elenco was born in 2004.

José Vasco from Elenco says: “to create a brand was always my goal… and then it got to a point where it became key to create a brand that would boost the know-how accumulated by the company over the years”. He adds: “We had an advantage because the company was grounded in a strong and consistent history”.

After ten years in the market, Elenco starts to broaden its horizons. The premium segment created a year ago to conquer the most demanding clients, includes products using only the best materials and manufactured with a particular attention to all details. Aimed at a top target these are products of excellence, representing the step forward in the evolution of Elenco products.

Almost four decades after opening the company, dedication to bags remains well-creased in each drawing coming out of José Vasco hands. Using a pencil, he outlines the drawings of Elenco bags, thinking in sophisticated women who do not forget details.

According to him the ideal woman is a relaxed woman, new wave, with a low profile style who is not blindly dragged by fashion, as beyond fashion is always the woman and that is the key element for Elenco.

Totally Made in Portugal, the brand’s products are largely represented in the country, considered the basis to approach other markets, and is present in several markets in Europe. With important clients in Russia, Switzerland, France and Portuguese-speaking African countries such as Mozambique and Angola, the brand has already ventured in a line of woman’s footwear but bags and belts are the main business area.

For more information about Elenco refer to the company’s website.

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