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Footwear exports with 21.6% increase in Pakistan

Sep 29, 2014 Pakistan
Footwear exports with 21.6% increase in Pakistan
Data from the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics reveals two digits growth in value for footwear exports in the last two months, despite decline in quantities sold abroad 
During the period July-August, 2.1 million pairs of footwear worthing 25.7 million US dollars were exported which compares to 2.4 million pairs valuing 21.2 million US dollars sold abroad in similar period in 2013. This represents a decline in quantities exported of 15.7% and an increase in value of 21.6% from 2013.

Leather footwear performed particularly well in this period, increasing 27.0% in volume and 28.7% in value to reach 1.5 million pairs worthing 23.6 million US dollars. Exports of canvas footwear and other categories decreased in volume and value.

Despite the overall good performance in the period, footwear exports in August decreased 37.2% in volume and 34.33% in value from the previous month of July, as they reached 795 thousand pairs valued at 10.2 million US dollars, which compares with 1.3 million pairs at 15.5 million US dollars. Comparing to August 2013, footwear exports were also down by -16.0% in volume and 5.6% in value.

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