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Dior teams up with Bergdorf Goodman

Nov 19, 2015 United States
Dior teams up with Bergdorf Goodman
The France-based luxury house is testing footwear ecommerce through a partnership with the New York-based department store
Apart from footwear, all other Dior products can be purchased online through third party retailers. With the new Bergdorf Goodman partnership the French-based luxury brand will eliminate the online void for Dior footwear.

Since the 16th of November Bergdorf Goodman began selling 14 styles from the Dior cruise 2016 footwear collection. Although this is a live campaign limited in time, as the partnership will only last until the 31st of December, it will allow Dior to gauge consumer interest while giving Bergdorf Goodman’s ecommerce channel an extra boost of interest during the holiday season.

A craftsmanship video produced by Dior for its Fusion sneaker, priced at roughly 1 250 US dollars, is also available on the website as a statement of Dior's dedication to craftsmanship.

Image credits: Bergdorf Goodman and Dior

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