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Coxx Borba, Xtremely you

Jun 27, 2016 Portugal
Coxx Borba, Xtremely you
The footwear company, based in Guimarães, one of the most important regions for the Portuguese footwear industry, is celebrating 2 decades of existence
The adventure began in 1996 when Antonio Borba decided to set up his business and created an agency working as an intermediate. Soon, the business migrated to a trading operation, and the natural next step was the presence in international trade fairs, a critical element widen customers portfolio and a privileged way to communicate with customers while showcasing collections.

With the increasing success of the collections presented, a need arose to have a larger dedicated team focused on product development. A proven key factor for the growth of the company, which resulted in the creation of the company’s product development lab in 2002.

In 2007, the company celebrated a significant milestone when reaching the 16 million euros turnover threshold. In the following year, the Coxx Borba brand was registered internationally, as a result of the notoriety and awareness of the brand.

As the company celebrates 2 decades of existence, the Coxx Borba brand continues to consolidate its image as a lifestyle and fashion brand. In the company’s own words: “There is an unquestionable vibe around Coxx Borba” and the company is permanently buzzing with ideas for innovative commercial products to  keep up with that image and keep customers curious and excited about the new models and the new lines each season. As a result of this permanent focus on trends, the Coxx Borba brand is already a clear preference to consumers.

The company is also keen to make a difference in its community and as a token of its social responsibility it supports various institutions such as Casa da Criança, an orphanage in Guimarães, the city where it’s head-quartered.

For more information about Coxx Borba please refer to the company’s website.

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