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Converse sues dozens of companies over Chuck Taylor imitations

Oct 23, 2014 United States
Converse sues dozens of companies over Chuck Taylor imitations
The US based shoe company, which is a subsidiary of Nike, is suing 31 different companies (including both retailers and manufacturers) for allegedly copying its Chuck Taylor all star shoes
The top retailers have been sued by Converse for the unauthorized use of certain "elements" that are typical to the company, like the shoes rubber soles and black stripes in knockoff versions. Some of the companies named in the suit are Walmart, Fila, Ralph Lauren, Kmart and Skechers.

Converse has filed a complaint claiming monetary damages caused by the imitations and another action looking towards having the copies removed from its stores.

In a statement forwarded to the press, Jim Calhoun, Converse's President and Chief Executive, stated: "For generations, the Chuck Taylor, universally known as the 'Chuck,' has captured the hearts and minds of millions of consumers, selling over a billion pairs globally during the past century. We welcome fair competition, but we do not believe companies have the right to copy the Chuck's trademarked look".

Converse All Stars first hit the market back in the beginning of last century and they were later renamed Chuck Taylor All Stars after the same name basketball player became an acclaimed fan of the shoe.

The star-logo patch of the canvas shoes has been inscribed with a view to protect the ankle. Over the years, the initial canvas rubber-toed shoes evolved from an athletic type of shoes to the essential footwear of grunge and punk rockers.

Image credits - Converse All Stars

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