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Coach announces new Craftsmanship Bar

Oct 31, 2016 United States
Coach announces new Craftsmanship Bar
The worldwide recognized luxury brand aims to expand its array of global services

Aiming to provide the finest leather services in a premium but authentic work environment the bars are located in the brand’s flagship stores across the globe.

As such, the Coach Craftsmanship Bar has been presented as a special space dedicated to Coach’s heritage and expertise, which includes a multitude of leather services, from cleaning to repair. At the Craftsmanship Bar, customers can also enjoy from a series of personalized leather services, ranging from monogramming to leather care provided by a staffed specialist in store.

Also, enriching the space are an array of vintage crafts from the 50s, 60s and 70s carefully sourced and restored by the Coach Archive team. These goods are announced as “one-of-a-kind, and truly showcase the unique designs of this brand over the years”.

A new Coach Craftsmanship Bar will be inaugurated this week in Chicago.

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