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ARKET stars childrenswear collection's rental service

Feb 2, 2021 Sweden
ARKET stars childrenswear collection's rental service
The Nordic lifestyle brand, part of the H&M group, is offering a new rental service for its children’s collection in partnership with Amsterdam-based online shop and clothing subscription Circos
As part of the new service, since the 28th of January 2021, a selection of ARKET designs can be rented either individually or as part of an edited bundle of clothes on, delivered directly to the door

“We’re really happy to be able to give our customers the possibility to share products with other families and proud to join Circos in their vision for a more circular everyday life. Children’s clothes need to be designed with a longer-term horizon in mind, and all our garments are consciously intended to be handed down when outgrown”, commented Pernilla Wohlfahrt, Managing Director ARKET.

According to ARKET, part of the H&M group, a typical child grows through eight sizes in the first two years of its life, and on average, their parents buy around 280 pieces of clothing during this time – most of which are only used for a few months, or even less. "Renting instead of buying allows customers to share the footprint of the products and also saves time, money and space as the wardrobe can grow along with the child", the brand stated.

“With our partnership, ARKET and Circos bring a valuable and much-needed service to a growing market of environmentally-conscious parents and caretakers. I am very excited about the journey ahead of us, making fashion more sustainable and simplifying good choices”, stated Erick Bouwer, Founder and CEO at Circos.

The Circos subscription is available to European customers from 19.50 euros per month. Rented clothes can be kept and used for as long as they fit and returned when it’s time to size up or update the wardrobe for a new season. According to ARKETY, between eight and ten families will share the same piece of clothing, and once the product eventually wears out, the materials are repurposed to make new products.

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