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Architects and designers create 3d printed shoes for United Nude

Apr 16, 2015 Netherlands

United Nude and 3D Systems Corporation have teamed up to merge fashion, design and technology, which resulted in fiv 3D printed creations presented during Milan’s design week

A select group of the architects and designers were invited to explore and challenge 3D printing technology by designing 3D printed high heels as part of the Re-Inventing Shoes project. The resulting products are now debuting at the Milan Design Week.

The goal for the Re-Inventing Shoes project is to explore and push the boundaries of the 3D printing technology for creating shoes with the largest amount of sculptural freedom. The production method used is the highest quality of 3D printing (Selective Laser Sintering) in a hard Nylon and all new soft Rubber material. The shoes each took about 24 hours to print using a sPro 60 selective laser sintering (SLS) machine made by 3D printing company 3D Systems. As part of the project, United Nude worked on a way to combine harder and softer 3D printed parts for creating fully functioning shoes.

Since the launch of United Nude in 2003 with the Möbius shoe, United Nude have become experts in technologically advanced ladies footwear; pushing the boundaries and the continuous re-inventing of shoe making. Some of the great examples for the brand’s innovations have come from collaborations with great creative minds from other industries such as Iris Van Herpen (fashion designer) and ZahaHadid (architect).

Image credits: United Nude

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