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A new President for the French leather goods

Jul 11, 2019 France
A new President for the French leather goods
On the occasion of its general assembly held by the end of June, the French Leather Goods Federation elected to its presidency Jean-Pierre Tolo for a term of three years
In partnership with Patrick Brenier, Mr. Tolo created Supercuir, manufacturer of watchbands back in May 1983. Restructured in 1998, the company became SIS and is still in operation, focusing on high-end watches and having added production of leather goods to its activities. Supercuir employs 1 000 people in France, 400 in Madagascar and 300 in China. Back in 2017, Jean-Pierre Tolo founded Zebu Development, specialized in supporting young entrepreneurs.

At the time he became the new Head of the French Federation of Leather Goods, Mr. Tolo commented: "The leather goods companies represent a formidable industrial fabric composed of 90% of SMEs that need a dynamic federation to value them and promote their excellence".

According to the National Council of Leather (CNC), in 2017 France had roughly 450 leather goods companies employing 20 800 people, in an industry generating a turnover of 3.2 billion euros.

Photo by Charles ???? on Unsplash

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