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New Generation: meet José Pedro Pinto from Procalçado group

Jul 24, 2023 Portugal
New Generation: meet José Pedro Pinto from Procalçado group
With a degree in Global Marketing from IPAM Porto, José Pedro Pinto represents the third generation to work in the Portuguese group Procalçado, the parent company of the brands ForEver, Lemon Jelly and Wock

How long have you worked for the company?

I have been working for Walkemore, which is part of the Procalçado group, for nine months. As a third-generation member of the company, I am fortunate to have had, from an early age, very close contact with those who actually have the knowledge and passion for the sector.

My first “steps” at Procalçado began with a thorough immersion in all sectors, allowing me to get an understanding of the general functioning of the company. Currently, I serve as a commercial assistant in the Wock team and also play a role in the product development area.

Was working for the company a first choice?

Working for the company was a choice motivated by a mixture of emotions and feelings. After finishing my degree, I started to feel the desire to contribute to the company, bring new ideas and grow into someone my father could fully trust within the company. I've never felt family pressure to join the business. On the contrary, I was always encouraged to follow my dreams and fight for what I really wanted.

I did consider other career options before making this decision. However, upon reflecting on my passions and the opportunity to continue the family legacy, I understood that Procalçado was my “true” place. Still, I don’t dismiss the option of leaving the company in the future to explore the world and get to know other realities, markets and projects.

I understand that stepping out of the comfort zone and exploring different contexts can be an opportunity for learning and growth, both personally and professionally. By exposing myself to new perspectives and challenges, I would be able to acquire knowledge and skills that can be applied in the future context of the company. But at this point, I am committed to staying and contributing to the company's growth and taking advantage of all the opportunities that exist.

I have found a job that inspires me on a daily basis, having the privilege to continue the family legacy while pursuing my own professional growth. It is a journey I embrace with enthusiasm.

What fascinates you the most about the footwear sector?

What fascinates me most about the footwear industry is the dynamics of the market and the endless possibilities for innovation. This industry is constantly evolving. It’s fascinating to see how companies continuously push the boundaries of traditional manufacturing processes and explore new materials and techniques to develop new products.

In addition, the growing market and global reach of the sector provide excellent opportunities for growth and expansion. Demand is constant and, as consumer preferences evolve, companies need to adapt to keep up with new trends.

How does the company stand out in the market?

Procalçado and its brands, ForEver, Wock and Lemon Jelly, stand out in the market due to their rich heritage and long-standing presence in the industry.

ForEver has a significant place in the company's history. This year, we celebrate its 50th anniversary. Over the years, the brand has played a vital role in shaping Procalçado's identity and success. By combining precision manufacturing techniques and new technologies, ForEver has continuously evolved to meet the ever-changing market. We are constantly researching new technologies and strategies to improve our processes.

The experience and knowledge acquired over this half-century have given the group and its brands an edge in the market. The celebration of ForEver's 50th anniversary serves as a testament to Procalçado's rich history and our commitment to excellence.

Coupled with innovation, the Lemon Jelly and Wock brands solidify the group’s position as one of the industry leaders, with a remarkable heritage and a promising future ahead.

What does this new generation entering now into the sector has to offer?

This new generation stands out for its technological proficiency, unlimited creativity, commitment to sustainability, valorisation of team collaboration and global mindset. The new generation will certainly transform the sector, introducing new practices, and propelling the industry into a promising future.

What advice would you give to a young person starting in the industry?

Finding a passion for what you are doing is key. Find out what motivates you and what makes you feel excited and satisfied during your work. It is also important to keep in mind that expertise requires patience, as it does not happen overnight. 

It is essential to be willing to learn and put in the time and energy in the development of our knowledge and skills. Facing challenges without fear, seeing them as opportunities for growth and seeing them as steppingstones to success. Believing that we are capable is also vital. However, when we are starting out, we should also seek experienced mentors who can give us valuable insights and guide us in the best way to face challenges and make important decisions with confidence.

For more information about Procalçado and its brands, refer to the following website.

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