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Re-opening Retail after Covid-19 A World Footwear Guidebook

Re-opening Retail after Covid-19 A World Footwear Guidebook
In this new document we present you some guiding recommendations on the retailers' activities concerning promoting safety, protection and health measures for employees, customers and suppliers when reopening their stores.

First of all, each retailer should seek information regarding the legislation in force in each country at the time of reopening, and at each moment, as the updates of the measures are known. In this Part we present a list of recommendations that include some mandatory measures in some markets, but which in other countries are just actions to consider. Each retailer should be aware of these recommendations and evaluate those that make sense to be adopted to guarantee the safety of all and promote the confident return of customers to their stores.

In this new context, the World Footwear prepared a new Guidebook 30 business tips and 70 health and safety recommendations that might be useful in the return to their activities.

Trends and Business Tips

New Shopping Experience
Comfort at Home
Buy Less, Buy Better
Supply Chain: From Global to Local
All Together: Cooperation to Thrive and Digital Presence

Health and Safety Recommendations

Re-opening the Store
Access and Circulation in the Store
Social Distancing
Individual Protection Measures
Cleaning and Disinfection
Orders and Mail
Returns, Exchanges and Repairs
Other Considerations in Store
E-commerce and Online Presence