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Tata International to launch new footwear brands in India

Feb 17, 2014 India
Tata International to launch new footwear brands in India

Tata International Limited (TIL) announced they are entering into the footwear branding world through the launching of three men’s footwear brands, one women’s footwear and a wide range of children’s footwear collection in India, between April and June this year. The men’s footwear brands will cover different segments: Aristos, a formal wear category, S.C.T for the comfort wear segment and Arin, a casual wear category. These will be initially distributed through retailers such as Mochi, Metro and Trent’s Westside (owned by Tata Group) and the aim is to open exclusive brand outlets in the future.

Established in 1962, TIL of Tata Group, is a global trading and distribution company with a presence in manufacturing and supply chain integration in selected businesses. The group key areas are: finished leather and leather products (footwear and garments), metals trading, mineral trading, automobile distribution and agricultural products trading (the most recent arm of their business).

As India’s leading exporter, manufacturer and supply chain integrator of leather and leather products with exports to over 35 countries, TIL’s product portfolio includes finished leather, footwear and garments. The group currently owns the license to design, develop and sell the US-based brand Aerosoles in Europe, Africa and India. The license was obtained when they acquired a majority stake at Portuguese company MoveOn, a footwear venture with presence in Portugal, France, Spain and Belgium, spun out of the bankruptcy-hit Investvar Group (an important Portuguese footwear company owner of the exclusivity rights to commercialise Aerosoles products in several regions of the world for almost two decades).

TIL is supported by more than 6.500 employee spanning more than 30 countries in Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas. The company has formed strong strategic alliances and partnerships that have reinforced its role in international trade and business, namely through associations with major global brands like Marks & Spencer, Gabor, Zara, Mango and others. Tata owns manufacturing facilities in India, China and Portugal, and they have a joint venture with Wolverine Worldwide Inc for the distribution of CAT and Merrell brands of footwear in India.

For detailed information about the company you can visit the website:

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