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Gino-B, luxury sneakers

Mar 8, 2016 Portugal
Gino-B, luxury sneakers
The Portuguese-based brand has reinvented its sneakers, combining comfort and style, and challenging us to wear them in all occasions
Initially, Gino-B was focusing in the concept of luxury sneakers for the urban consumer, with the Metro-sneakers by Gino-B. Later, there was a need to create a sneaker that could be worn at night as well, in a party atmosphere, for example. A new style was created.

"Our target consumer included football players, TV presenter and DJs”, comments Alexandre Tavares, Commercial Director, adding:" The Gino-B is a project of conceptual sneakers design.”

After focusing on domestic consumption, a few pairs of sneakers with 100% lamb lining, which could be used in the snow, were produced. The result was a surprise for both Alexandre Tavares and his agent in The Netherlands, Parry Patel. Spending a day in the snow is very challenging for footwear, but these sneakers have proven to be very comfortable and warm. That's when they realized they could have a model of young, comfortable, durable than usual snow boot, with a twist of style and design. At this time the Après Ski by Gino-B was born, a new market concept. An ideal sneaker for winter, handmade and lined with sheepskin they are popular due to comfort and incredible fit. Available in a wide range of colours, they are easily recognizable by the signature bend-down wool and double strap. The models are available in luxury stores in most ski resorts and fashion stores in Europe.

The collection Natural Born Sneakers was designed and developed for all seasons. Timeless sneakers with superior comfort thanks to the natural elements of the shoes. Luxury, handmade sneakers, made from highest quality leathers. A soft calf-leather lining offers utmost comfort and ventilation during winter and summer. A unique cork-filling and natural rubber both act as a shock absorber, offers natural insulation and adapt perfectly to the feet. Thanks to the antibacterial sole the shoes can even be worn without socks. The Natural Born Sneaker is available in natural colours, from light grey to blue and from beige to dark brown.

4Play Sneakers, launched in 2013, is a premium collection by Gino- B and is available in a selected number of high-fashion stores around Europe.

In the Netherlands the project has an international partner, former Dutch footballer and Pierre van Hooijdonk, who was also the face of the campaign for the brand men’s footwear. Marianne Timmer, the world champion ice speed skating and winner of two Olympic gold medals, was the face (or feet) chosen for the women’s campaign.

Gino-B was established in 2009 in a factory with nearly 70 years of experience in classic shoes. The brand is part of Armando Silva, one of the historic footwear companies from S. João da Madeira, founded in 1946 by Armando Luis da Silva in a small workshop of hand-crafted footwear and 12 workers.

For more information about Gino-B please refer to the brand’s website.

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