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Latest News
Eureka celebrates 30 years
Jan 24, 2017 / Portugal
Athletic footwear sales lost momentum in the US
Jan 24, 2017 / United States
Brazilian exports recover in the final stretch of 2016
Jan 23, 2017 / Brazil
Half a billion dollars' loss for American consumers
Jan 23, 2017 / United States
Sales at Tod's impacted by volatile environment
Jan 21, 2017 / Italy
Stable visitor numbers at Expo Riva Schuh
Jan 20, 2017 / Italy
Vietnam’s leather sector expects more pressure
Jan 20, 2017 / Vietnam
Alibaba creates anti-counterfeit group
Jan 19, 2017 / China
CEC welcomes new member
Jan 19, 2017 / CEC

Popular News
Worldwide footwear production reached 23.0 billion pairs in 2015
Aug 2, 2016
EU footwear imports on the rise
Oct 24, 2016
Japanese footwear imports up by 4%
Oct 20, 2016
Asia represents 87% of the world footwear production
Aug 29, 2016
International footwear trade declined in 2015
Sep 5, 2016
China's global share records huge drop in 2016
Oct 25, 2016
US footwear imports drop by 6%
Oct 21, 2016
Brazilian Code shows the best of the local footwear industry
Oct 18, 2016
BFA: Brexit may represent a new start for Europe
Aug 16, 2016
China’s footwear exports down by 12% in the first semester
Oct 10, 2016
Deutelmoser explains GDS move to September
Sep 26, 2016
High heels for men
Aug 10, 2016
adidas to open US-based factory
Aug 16, 2016
Footwear industry in Germany picks up speed again
Aug 8, 2016
New online course on Sustainable Footwear Manufacturing is now available
Sep 27, 2016
GDS positions itself as an extensive trends platform
Aug 2, 2016
Portuguese footwear exports continue to grow
Oct 24, 2016


Can I use the information available in the World Footwear website and in the World Footwear Yearbook for my own publication?
Feel free to redistribute this information for non-commercial purposes and always mention the source: APICCAPS | Word Footwear Yearbook | www.worldfootwear.com.

For other purposes, please, contact us.

We are very interested in any other additional information about the footwear sector so if you use the information produced and distributed by ourselves please send us a copy of your document - please see contacts page for more details on how to contact us.

Why did APICCAPS decided to promote this initiative?
APICCAPS has been collecting intelligence about the footwear industry worldwide for several years for internal purposes. In 2011 we decided to release this information in an organized way and make it publicly available each year.

Why is APICCAPS developing this project on their own?
Although this is an initiative of APICCAPS, many international organizations and sectorial organizations in other countries have provided data included in the publication or in some other way contributed to the development of the project. We see this as an "Open Source" project and welcome any further contributions. We are particularly interested in collaborating with organizations that can be useful in the country profile data collection and in the dissemination activities. Feel free to contact us if you have some competences that can be useful for such tasks.

Which number format do you use?
This publication´s audience is very widely distributed and used do deal with different number formats. In some countries the comma is used as the decimal separator and in others the comma is used as thousand group separator. We use a dot as decimal separator and a space as the thousand group separator.

Why are monetary figures presented in US Dollars?
First, data from several of our main sources of information is presented in US dollars. Second, we wanted to use a single currency to allow international comparisons and the US dollar is generally used and accepted within the international business community for that purpose.

Why is the Russian Federation considered a European country?
The assignment of countries to continents necessarily involves some arbitrariness. In this report, we follow the United Nations Standard for Country or Area Codes. More information and details can be obtained from the classification information available here: http://unstats.un.org/. Some countries are also in a transition area (ex: Cyprus and Turkey are accounted as Asian countries).

Some of the data published seems incorrect or inconsistent. What should I do?
Please, contact us. We welcome your contribution. We have made every effort to assure that the information released is correct and complete, but it is impossible to guarantee that it is error free.

I am the promoter of an event targeted to the footwear sector, what can I do to list it on www.worldfootwear.com?
Just send us an e-mail to editor@worldfootwear.com with your event information and we will do our best effort to list it.

Why don't you present a profile for my country?
The countries profiled were selected combining their relevance in the footwear industry with data availability. If you have statistical information about the footwear industry in a country not listed, please, contact us.

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