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SLEM starts new innovation program

Nov 17, 2016 Netherlands
SLEM starts new innovation program
International innovation institute SLEM has developed a new 9-month program to inspire professionals and companies in new ways of thinking about footwear aiming to positively impact and improve the industry

The unique aspect of this new program is the combination of innovative training, consulting and the delivery of an innovative applicable project. The program is focused on future developments for footwear and how to translate these future visions into profitable and sustainable business and design concepts. The methods used aim to unite the creative, ethical, commercial and technical dimensions of people and their footwear.

With training locations in Europe and China the institute works with features of innovation in the footwear and related industries, aiming to capture the whole footwear chain worldwide.

The first edition will start at the end of November 2016, and will include participants from companies such as Wortmann and Stahl.

Dean of the Professional Innovation program, Annaluisa Franco, emphasizes the institute’s commitment to future developments for the footwear industry. “It’s truly inspiring to be working in such an innovative and dynamic team. SLEM has a unique position and point of view on the footwear industry worldwide and it is great to share it with like-minded professionals across the globe not just to promote but also actively contribute to real projects that have a positive impact throughout the footwear and leather-related industries”

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