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Harvey Nichols has a repair service for luxury accessories

Oct 2, 2019 United Kingdom
Harvey Nichols has a repair service for luxury accessories
It is called The Restory and is an on-demand service offering modern after care for luxury fashion, starting with shoes, bags and leather goods. They are on hand to repair and restore the items
The Restory is a service created by luxury department store Harvey Nichols offering after-care and refurbishment for luxury fashion items, such as shoes, bags and leather goods.

The after-care programme, which started in London, is soon to be rolled out nationally to Edinburgh, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol.

This after-care service contributes to the extension of the life of the products and given the increase in popularity of second-hand sales and rental option for fashion and luxury, can also contribute to the luxury goods’ likelihood of being resold or rented. After-care services can in fact, be seen, as a key part of the circular economy scheme.

How it works

1. The item can be left in-store in any department and then it is sent directly to The Restory department;
2. Once the items have been received at The Restory’s atelier, they will assess each item taking into account specific requests and any additional services they deem necessary or would recommend. A quote detailing the approach, cost and turnaround expectations will then be supplied. This will need to be approved before the work begins;
3. Upon completion of the work, the costumer can collect the item in-store (a delivery can also be ordered).

General Services

Cleaning: For leather, suede, satin and various fabrics. Excessive dirt stains and mould removal available for inside and out including reconditioning and polishing.

Colour Restoration: Discolouration, general wear and tear, or large stains may require custom colour matching to change or restore the vibrant colours of your shoes and handbag.

Leather Restoration: Re-cover damaged piping or restore scuffs, scratches, punctures and tears on shoes and bags.

Prices available upon a physical assessment of the item in The Restory’s atelier, a guide is available online. Please speak to a member of the Accessories team on the First Floor for more information.

Revival package: a new service

The Revival Package is designed to revive and refresh shoes and bags. Available exclusively at any Harvey Nichols in the UK, packages are purchasable alongside a new pair of shoes or a new handbag and include a basket of competitively priced services aimed to address standard everyday-wear within the first 18 months of ownership.

Image credits: Dane Deaner on Unsplash

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