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FDRA publishes US footwear imports ranking

Feb 20, 2015 United States
FDRA publishes US footwear imports ranking
The Footwear Distributors and Retailers Association of America (FDRA) published its annual list ranking the ten largest footwear manufacturing countries importing into the US market
The FDRA released its top 10 footwear suppliers based on the number of shoes each country produces for the US market, the largest footwear importer in the world.

China, still the dominant supplier of footwear to the US, saw its market share dip from 80% to 79% - which occurred for the first time in years. According to the FDRA, Vietnam, ranking 2nd, has a 12% market share (up 19% in volume from the previous edition), while Indonesia, in the third position, remained flat compared with the previous year.

India and Mexico followed, with the Asian country moving up two places in the rankings and taking now the 4th place (while it increased its imports by 10% in 2014) and Mexico the fifth (with a decrease of 9%).

Italy's market share continued flat, taking now the 6th position in the ranking and remaining the largest supplier of high-end footwear into the US market and the only European country in the list.

Cambodia, now the 7th largest supplier, grew by 134%, “as production spillover from Vietnam  expanded production opportunity”, according to the FDRA.

Brazilian imports rebounded up 19% in 2014 and the country takes now the 8th position, being followed by Dominican Republic, which took advantage of a free trade agreement with the US, and by Thailand, which closes the ranking.

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