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Bill McCann as RPFMA's new Executive Director

Oct 24, 2019 United States
Bill McCann as RPFMA's new Executive Director
The management and advocacy operations of the Rubber and Plastics Footwear Manufacturers Association are now performed by SMI and COO Bill McCann is the new Executive Director of the association
“There are a host of pressing trade issues that face our industry. It is a dynamic and shifting playing field. RPFMA is committed to protecting the domestic rubber footwear industry’s interests and viability. It is with this singular goal in mind that the board selected SMI. The association will remain laser focused on ,”protecting our categories of footwear from imports", commented John Larsen, Chairman of RPFMA and the President Emeritus of New Balance Athletics.

Since the 1930's RPFMA, and its earlier affiliation with the Rubber Manufacturers Association, has effectively protected the remaining US rubber footwear industry against imports by maintaining the existing duty rates on categories of rubber (nonleather) footwear still manufactured in the US.  

“It’s an honour and a privilege to work for and with the RPFMA members. These companies are committed to making footwear in America. In order to ensure that domestic footwear manufacturing is sustainable and indeed able to grow, our nation needs to commit to fair trade policies and investments in advanced manufacturing technologies and workers (...) RPFMA will continue to the be the voice of all domestic footwear manufacturers and will look to lead on fair trade policy and other issues of importance to this industry”, added McCann. 

As Executive Director, McCann will act on RPFMA’s behalf in Washington. He will lead advocacy efforts with federal agencies and the US Congress.  McCann is a principal at SMI and previously served as a Chief of Staff on Capitol Hill. He has both advocacy and management experience. McCann is well known for his lobbying efforts to require the DoD to comply with the Berry Amendment with respect to athletic shoes issued to enlisted recruits. Patrick Malloy will work with McCann on trade advocacy. Malloy is a former senior Congressional trade staffer. The SMI team will also provide event planning, website maintenance, communications, financial operations and membership services. 

Image credits: Andy Feliciotti on Unsplash

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