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Themes of the 2014 World Footwear Congress announced

Mar 12, 2014 / Mexico
A recent communication from the Confederation of the Footwear Industry unveils the themes to be discussed at the 5th World Footwear Congress in Mexico.

theMICAM closes with visitor attendance down

Mar 12, 2014 / Italy
The recent edition of theMICAM, run between the 2nd and 5th of March in Milan, closed with an attendance figure of 33.372 visitors, including 17.606 international operators, which reflects a decline in line with the recent trend (36.049 in 2012 and 35.389 in 2013).

Fashion dictates rules in Japan

Oct 23, 2013 / Japan
Japanese consumers are looking for avant-garde footwear.

World Footwear Conclusions

Oct 16, 2013 / World
World footwear production stabilized in 2012

Mexico will host the 5 th World Footwear Congress in 2014

Sep 30, 2013 / Mexico
A CEC realese announces the 5th World Footwear Congress in Mexico

Exports to the U.S. simpler?

Sep 10, 2013 / United States
Exports to the U.S. can be much simpler. The Free Trade Agreement between Europe and the USA will take place. The negotiations were launched at the G8, despite the reluctance of France.

A matter of numbers

Sep 6, 2013 / World
A mathematical journey across the flat or vertiginous universe of shoes

New future for Italian Association

Apr 30, 2013 / Italy
Members of ANCI during an extraordinary assembly in Bologna approved the new name for the Association - Assocalzaturifici Italiani and some changes on the statutes.

20 billion pairs in 2010

Sep 8, 2011 / World
World Footwear production has reached an historical maximum
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