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United Kingdom with frozen footwear imports

Jun 23, 2014 / United Kingdom
In 2013, the British industry maintained the same levels of imports as registered in 2012. Exports grew at two digits

Collective trademark for Nepali footwear launched

Jun 12, 2014 / Nepal
The Leather Goods and Footwear Manufacturers’ Association of Nepal (LGFMAN) has launched a collective trademark for use on locally manufactured footwear

Kyaia, owner of the Fly London brand, celebrates 30 years and announces 2024 targets

Jun 5, 2014 / Portugal
The largest Portuguese footwear group grew 8% last year and aims to double its turnover in the next 10 years

Portuguese footwear exports with two digits growth

May 30, 2014 / Portugal
According to APICCAPS, during the first quarter of the year Portuguese footwear exports reached 484.4 million euros, increasing 10.8% from similar period last year

South Africa footwear imports with slight growth

May 19, 2014 / South Africa
In 2013 South Africa footwear imports reached 211.1 million pairs valued at 948.8 million USD, growing 4.2% and 1.1% from 2012, respectively. Exports stabilized at 2012 levels

Portuguese footwear brands partner with fashion designers

May 13, 2014 / Portugal
Portuguese footwear industry in association with national designers, allying know how with creativity, to seduce more customers

Vietnam footwear industry reports 21.9% growth on exports

May 12, 2014 / Vietnam
The General Statistics Office of Vietnam (GSO) announced 21.9% growth for footwear exports during the period January to April 2014. The industry aims to achieve an annual increase in sales of 20% to reach the barrier of 12 billion USD

Spanish footwear industry with record exports

May 9, 2014 / Spain
In 2013, Spanish footwear exports reached a record value of 2 286 million euros, a 9.1% growth from 2012. Exported quantities decreased 0.9% and now reach 139 million pairs, which resulted in an average price of 16.34 euros

United States footwear imports with slow growth

May 6, 2014 / United States
In 2013, the United States (US), the largest footwear importer, bought 2 338 million pairs of shoes abroad, valued at 25 317 million USD, a 2% and 4% increase compared to 2012, respectively. Value of exports increased 5.8% notwithstanding relative stability registered in quantities

Italian footwear industry shows signs of recovery

Apr 30, 2014 / Italy
In 2013 Italy’s footwear exports increased 2.5% in volume and 5.6% in value, and reached 220 million pairs valued at 8 073 million euros. The Italian industry managed to invert the deterioration on exports registered in 2012 and seems to be on the growth path again. Average price of the Italian footwear was up by 3.1% and now reaches 36.73 euros

Workers strike in China at one of the largest footwear manufacturers

Apr 29, 2014 / China
Workers at a Chinese factory owned by Yue Yuen Industrial (Holdings) Limited, a key supplier to some of the world's footwear giants, were on strike several days in a dispute over benefits

New Zealand imports increase in 2013 supported by the country’s economic growth

Apr 24, 2014 / New Zealand
New Zealand imports grew 2.5 % in volume and 2.1% in value and now reach 24 million pairs worthing 269 million USD

German footwear industry on the recovery path

Apr 16, 2014 /
In 2013 Germany exported 185 million pairs of shoes, valued at 3 303 million euros, which represented an increase of 5.3% and 10.1%, respectively. The average price of German footwear grew 4.6% and now reaches 17.90 euros

theMICAM closes with visitor attendance down

Mar 12, 2014 / Italy
The recent edition of theMICAM, run between the 2nd and 5th of March in Milan, closed with an attendance figure of 33.372 visitors, including 17.606 international operators, which reflects a decline in line with the recent trend (36.049 in 2012 and 35.389 in 2013).

Brazilian footwear exports stable in 2013

Mar 11, 2014 / Brazil
In 2013, Brazil's footwear exports were characterized by stability, with a modest variance of 0.2% in the value of sales abroad and an increase of 8.5% in volume. With increasing production, and imports growing 9.8% in quantity and 12.5% in value, the domestic market is quite dynamic.
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