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Sustainability by Catarina Midby: we have to change now

Jul 27, 2022 Sweden
Today we bring you an interview with Catarina Midby, expert in Communication and engagement in fashion, sustainability and innovation. With 2 decades of experience in the fashion industry, Catarina has been focused on trends, communication, sustainability and entrepreneurship and we talk about those today

I think sustainability is very much the reality and very much a commitment for the brands. I would say that, on a global level, of course, it is very different what matters in each market. In Scandinavia, in Portugal (and Europe) (sustainability) is pretty much about the environment. Whereas if you go to other parts of the world the social agenda is much more important. Of course, we know we have to stay within 1.5 degrees, we have the STGs, and all the rest of it, but I think the way we work with it is always different. But I would say, in general, (sustainability) is very much a reality and part of the agenda for most brands today.

I think everyone has an important role. Because, we don’t have much time, we have to change now. And I think the industry is changing. I think the beauty of the fashion industry is that we are very adaptable: I have been working with this for almost 20 years and I think it has been made an amazing progress, and we cannot even compare the way we work today with how we did it previously.

We have to work with chemicals, we have to work with water, we have to work with energy, so all those are important. But I think what is also important is for the consumer to be part of this journey and to use fashion in a sustainable way. And then we have to look into new business models. We can’t just buy new things. We also have to buy second hand, we have to sell second hand, we have to increase the value of each product by giving it the longer life cycle, and we have to make sure it stays in the cycle, so we have to also make fashion circular

Technology and innovation are important, but I think the way we use it is just as important. Because everything is commanded by the demand of the customer today and with the high demand for sustainable products there will also be a bigger availability of those products.

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