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Confidentiality agreement

All personal information is voluntarily provided by the users of the website. Like many other websites, the World Footwear sometimes uses elements of software called "cookies", which are only intended to facilitate users' browsing and do not store or collect any personal information about the user. If you still do not want to use these elements, you can disable them through the configuration options of your browser.

The recipient's personal data will be used only by APICCAPS, exclusively for the purchase process and for dissemination of the World Footwear services and will not be provided to other entities.

The World Footwear Yearbook is supplied as an individual and personal copy that can be used solely by the recipient. No copy of World Footwear Yearbook may be faxed, mailed, forwarded or re-transmitted to any other e-mail addresses inside or outside the recipient company, except if written agreement from the publisher is obtained.

When using the publication, the recipient expresses acknowledge that APICCAPS owns all intellectual property rights related to the information published in the World Footwear Yearbook. Any infringement of these rights constitutes an act of violation of the Portuguese copyright legislation and will subject the mentioned company or undersigned individuals to statutory damages. Any potential disputes related to this agreement are subject to the jurisdiction of the Portuguese courts.